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Why We Started Organization?

We were a group of six members working together for a organization which seeks to invest in the next generation through partnering with like-minded Churches thus to raise Godly leaders. We were moved on our encounter with many under-privileged children of different categories and we have decided to take it to the next level to reach all categories of people in the society out of our means. After our agreement was completed in the organization, we were not anymore colleagues yet, we were a intimate circle of visionary people with similar dreams of reaching out to the people. Time passed and after few months one of our six passed away in an accident and this left us with a sense of great grief and bereavement. He was called to be with God even before he had realized and re-cognized himself and his purposes in his life as he had passed away at a very young age. The love we have for him became the persuading fuel or the compulsion force to drive us to see our vision come true. A life lived for self is not a life and we who were surely more privileged with provisions of life than many others in the society resoled thus to provide the deserving and needy out of our means thus keeping up our stewardship towards the nation being citizens. Stewardship is one thing which people lack these days mostly and thus drifting aimlessly. One reason behind this is that they don’t realize their purposes and their responsibilities for the nation. We as a team strive to channelize everyone’s ideas, efforts and attitudes to serve the nation and thus by any means to prove themselves as responsible citizens and thus love their neighbors as themselves.

In saying that one incident in our lives is the persuading fuel, we don’t mean to say that we came to realization because of that incident, but the increased grievous instance made us hasten ardently in our efforts to conform into an organization with an absolute (though some may turn to be relative) set of guiding principles to bring about our vision in a distinct iridescent manner.

Who we are?

  • “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
Venkat SoN

Venkat Ramana

Yamkay Santoshini


SoN Kausalaya


Steven Paul

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