‘Interview and Job Skills’

The fourth seminar under the banner Conscientia was conducted in the month of June, on the topic ‘Interview and Job Skills’. Perceived as an important skill for our target audience, as they newly step into their professional life. This seminar was conducted to equip them with all the necessary basic skills, knowledge and mindset they are to possess as they attend various interviews or look for jobs.

Our speaker for the session was Ms. Santoshini, an MBA graduate, who’s currently working at Data Beat and has a total work experience of more than four years in the software and IT field. Considering her experience of having worked in two more companies before this, we believed her to be an appropriate choice for the topic and the audience, as she led an insightful session, filled with rich knowledge, as she chose to speak not only from her own knowledge but also from what she acquired through other sources.

The session began with a short interactive discussion between the speaker and the audience as she enquired of their expectations and experiences around the topic for the day. The speaker then moved on to divide her session into three main parts: ‘Resume building’, ‘Researching the Role’ and ‘Practice Answering Questions’ before giving a brief but informative talk of suggestions and practices around it. She also added a few extra advisory inputs such as ‘Dressing for Success’ and ‘Acing the Interview: Confident Presence’ before wrapping up with common screening processes, how to introduce oneself and FAQ for freshers in interviews.

With an average of 13 participants throughout, the session was well-received and ended on a positive note.

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