June Report and July Updates 2024

You have not, because you ask not

“Ask and it shall be given” Matthew 7:7. This verse reminds us that we are given the privilege to ask God our Father as children, so that we would be receiving what we asked for.

There is a real-life situation this verse was witnessed coming alive. Few years ago, McDonald’s trained their staff to ask one more question when somebody ordered a hamburger and a drink. Do you know what that question was?  “Would you like fries with that?” Apparently, a lot of people said, “Sure, why not?” because that single question raised their bottom line more than $20 million the first year in which they implemented this question.

What a great deal, isn’t it? The moment they started asking, they saw the result.

We all can approach the throne of God boldly to ask the requests that are according to his will, and we shall receive them. We can claim the promise honestly and believe in God with faith.

We would like to ask you – Would you like to be our regular partner and supporter for the upcoming year to be a blessing in other’s lives and to make a difference.



We are grateful to God for the opportunity to support three students in their educational journey this past year. This year, by God’s grace, we are extending our support to five students. We are pleased to announce that four applications have been approved

    1. Muskan started the 8th Standard. With our support she started her educational journey.
    2. Naga Prabha has started her second year of intermediate studies and is pursuing her educational goals with our support.
    3. Ashok completed his second year with 92% and started his final year diploma studies.
    4. Sandhya is looking forward to her interview to join the Diploma in General Nursing program and we look forward to supporting her in this next chapter of her education.

We are committed to God’s care for these students and their efforts, trusting that our support will help them achieve their academic aspirations and make a positive impact in their communities.



The fourth seminar under the banner Conscientia was conducted in the month of June, on the topic ‘Interview and Job Skills’. Perceived as an important skill for our target audience, as they newly step into their professional life. This seminar was conducted to equip them with all the necessary basic skills, knowledge and mindset they are to possess as they attend various interviews or look for jobs.

Our speaker for the session was Ms. Santoshini, an MBA graduate, who’s currently working at Data Beat and has a total work experience of more than four years in the software and IT field. Considering her experience of having worked in two more companies before this, we believed her to be an appropriate choice for the topic and the audience, as she led an insightful session, filled with rich knowledge, as she chose to speak not only from her own knowledge but also from what she acquired through other sources.

The session began with a short interactive discussion between the speaker and the audience as she enquired of their expectations and experiences around the topic for the day. The speaker then moved on to divide her session into three main parts: ‘Resume building’, ‘Researching the Role’ and ‘Practice Answering Questions’ before giving a brief but informative talk of suggestions and practices around it. She also added a few extra advisory inputs such as ‘Dressing for Success’ and ‘Acing the Interview: Confident Presence’ before wrapping up with common screening processes, how to introduce oneself and FAQ for freshers in interviews.

With an average of 13 participants throughout, the session was well-received and ended on a positive note.


We are grateful to God for the opportunity to organize the second part of the Leadership training program which was non-residential and was held on 8th and 9th of June in the training hall of Stewards of Nations, Malkajagiri.

The rest of the 8 key aspects of Leadership Skills like Teamwork, Attitude, Priorities, Relationships, Responsibility, Communication, Developing Leaders and more than a Leader were taught by our speakers Mr. Premdas, Mr. John Srikanth, Miss Kausalya, Dr. Mounika, Dr. Vishal and Mrs. Hepsibah.

The participants were very active, enthusiastic, sharing, communicating, learning and asking questions to clear their doubts without any hesitation.

We could witness the team work spirit, bonding and building of Leadership skills when they fulfilled tasks of given Responsibility.

We are also glad to share their commitment to grow in the fourth level of Leadership- People development and also in Servant Leadership. It’s the greatest Leader, our God’s influence in people’s lives.

  • Chosen Ones: After a short sabbatical in the months of April and May, the group returned with an interesting seminar of the topic “Interview and Job Skills” that was conducted on June 30th. They also had a short fellowship meet with another group, Truthseekers, on June 23rd, and had a few weekly discussion and fellowship meets along with their weekly Friday morning prayer meets.
  • Truth Seekers: After a long break due to exams and holidays, the group is excited to restart their regular Bible study sessions starting this July. This pause has given everyone a chance to recharge and focus on their personal commitments, and we are now ready to come together once again to grow in faith and fellowship. They look forward to reconnecting, sharing ideas, and growing to understand the scriptures as they go on this spiritual journey together.
  • ACTS: As mentioned last month, a group of 5 members taken from the Leadership training program have kept their group name as ACTS temporarily. They have been meeting online to pray for one another. And the group leader is knowing their team members by individually visiting them. And few of them could go for outings and spend considerably good time in sharing their thoughts and what’s going on with their lives and praying for one another. The team members are actively pursuing and encouraging each other in their free times.
  • PBYP groups: PBYP groups took a brief break for a few weeks as several of our small group members were focused on preparing for and writing their national entrance exams. We are proud of their dedication to their studies and are eager to resume our regular meetings, refreshed and ready to continue our journey together soon.


Sl No. Name of Program Date Place

PBYP - Gathering

7th July 2024
Stewards of Nations Training Hall, Malkajgiri.


20th July 2024
Zoom (Online)

Life Pyramid Workshop (Skopos)

18th & 19th August 2024
Stewards of Nations Training Hall, Malkajgiri.

Life Pyramid Workshop (Skopos road map)

25th &26th August 2024
Stewards of Nations Training Hall, Malkajgiri.


  • Lakra Kausalya is appointed as manager for our organization. She is pursuing her Masters in Counseling from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) at Bangalore. Her passion for our organization stems from a deep belief in mission and transformative impact on others. She is excited to contribute to our ongoing efforts, knowing that together we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.
  • Ponaganti Samuel Samarpan is a part time staff for our Organization. He Pursuing his Masters in Geophysics from Osmania university. He has been given the opportunity to reach out to people and help them in areas where they are struggling, just as he was once helped. This has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience, allowing him to give back and make a positive impact in the lives of others and he got a platform to utilize his skills and abilities to serve others.


We are grateful to God for His continued provision for the Stewards of Nations Training Hall. Through generous donations, we have been blessed to acquire essential items, including a laptop, a table, and a water dispenser. These additions are instrumental in preparing our Training Hall for upcoming sessions, programs, and meetings. Thank you for your unwavering support and contributions, which are enabling us to equip our facility and further our mission.


Sl No. Description Amount (Rs.)


Office Rent, Current Bill, Salaries, Training Programs and Stationery



PBYP Small Groups Gathering (Dinner & Stationery)



4 Tables @6000/-



10 Chairs @1000/-



Audit (FY 23-24)




Muskan Fee (2 months fee X Rs.1200/-)


Naga Praba Fee (First Term)


Total Expenses for the month of July 2024 – Rs.92,900/-

Please pray for the amount and if God inspires you then feel free to support, every rupee is important to invest for the growth of the people’s life. 

Our UPI ID is 8886668052@hdfcbank


General needs
  • Pray for the expansion of our organization that we would be given the opportunities, resources and focus we need to grow and expand our reach.
  • Pray for committed monthly donors. Their generosity is a source of blessing to others.
  • Pray for financial stability and development that the door be opened for funding and resources that will allow us to continue and expand our work.
  • Pray for the need for a training hall. We are planning to purchase four more tables and 10 chairs for our training hall.
  • Pray for the completion of the audit process.
  • Pray for Muskan as she navigates the challenges of 8th grade, that she would be given wisdom and understanding in her studies.
  • Pray for Nagaprabha, in her second year of Intermediate. Pray that she might find clarity for future endeavours and strength as she prepares for her Unit test (Weekly test)
  • Pray for Ashok who is in his third year of Diploma that he would be provided with the knowledge and skills he needs to excel.
  • Pray for Sandhya, as she is going to write an entrance exam on 24th July 2024 and for her interview.
  • Pray for each one of them to be in good health, grow in knowledge, and be filled with God’s wisdom.
Small Groups
  • PBYP Gathering is on 7th July 2024. Pray for all to attend to have fellowship with one another.
  • For the small group leaders
  • For the multiplication of the groups.
  • For the holistic development of the small group members.
  • Pray for LIFE PURPOSE program, which is on 18th & 19th August and 25th & 26th August 2024 Pray for the participants and facilitators
  • Pray for the finance and logistics.
  • Pray for the completion of the material preparation and for the translation into telugu.
Training Programs
  • Pray for the material preparation of the program.
  • Pray for the small group members to attend the Discipleship training, so that they can start investing in the other small groups.
  • Thank God for a successful leadership training in the first week of June.
  • Thank you, God, for your abundant provision. We are grateful for the Chairs, laptop, water dispenser and table provided for our training hall.
  • Thank God for the dedicated staff you provide for our office.


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