May Report and June Updates 2024

Are you a ‘Sea of Galilee’ or ‘Dead Sea’?

The Sea of Galilee, also known as Lake Kinneret, is a freshwater lake located in the northern part of Israel. The Dead Sea is a saltwater lake located in the Jordan Rift Valley, bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west.

Dead sea is 3.7 times bigger in size, 2.1 times more in altitude, 2.3 times long in dimensions, 10 times saltier than the ocean. It has only inlet being fed by Jordan river, it neither supports aquatic life nor recreational activities. Its vastness doesn’t make it useful neither generates any income.

Sea of Galilee is small in size, less altitude and dimensions with 0% salinity and it has fresh water which supports aquatic life and is useful for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes.

The inference we can derive from here is – Dead sea’s vast dimensions are of no-good help and of no use to any person, because the important aspect life is missing in Dead Sea as it has no outlet.

Sea of Galilee is small but profoundly impacting the lives of people and many are the beneficiaries of its fresh, life supporting waters as it has both inlet and outlet.

Our inlet is our resources, talents and income and our outlet is our investment of valuable time, talents and treasures for expansion of Kingdom of God even if they are very small.

John C Maxwell says, “If I keep my fist closed, I don’t lose what I have but it’s not open to receive what I could have.” In God’s kingdom, no person is small, no outlet is less. God considers it all big and blesses it abundantly because our God is generous and abundant God.



Regarding Sponsor Students we would like to thank God and you all. God gave us opportunity to support three students for the academic year of 2023 to 2024.

  1. Muskan completed her 7th class with 82% and started her 8th
  2. Naga Prabha completed her inter 1st year with 69% and wrote the improvements and started inter 2nd
  3. Ashok completed his diploma exams and waiting for the result, pray for his results.

Based on their performance of academics, attendance, their communication with us, and attitude in the school/college we are going to forward these three students for the next academic year sponsorship.

If you are interested in sponsoring three of them or any one of them, then feel free to connect us or directly you can support them.


  • Women’s Group: By God’s Amazing grace our both the groups are doing great so far, we have finished important lessons like communicating skillfully, conflict resolution with Thomas Kilmann conflict model and Learning regarding Forgiveness. On May 22nd two of our PBYP group members came to workplace and in offline meet we really had great time spending with each other, having fun, learning from book along with deep question-answering time.


Role in my life.

  • 1st best part: I got to know to know there are people who will be interested in your growth not expecting anything in return.
  • PBYP is not just about marriages it’s about Relationships. It has taught me – how to speak, what words to use.
  • God’s ideology behind marriage.
  • How honorable is marriage in God’s sight.
  • How two people can achieve more than Single person.
  • How to avoid and deal with conflicts.
  • How to choose a right partner.
  • How to love another person and forgive other person.
  • It’s helping me in my daily routines (work, family & friends)

Blessed to be a member of pbyp. Got lifelong friendships in pbyp. It’s a beautiful blessing.


  • Men’s Group: In this month, we could complete Roles & Responsibilities, Communication skillfully and Conflict resolutions. Thank God for the consistency in the group and the participants are learning and growing. Another group started meeting again after their break they had completed their book till lesson 5 and left with more 10 lessons. All the group people are doing well and learning many new things.
  • Chosen Ones: As the members of the group were experiencing a slight burnout for the past few months, in the month of May they took a break from the monthly seminars and rather chose to spend time together and in fellowship with another sub-group of theirs, Truth-seekers.
  • Truth Seekers: As, we know this group is doing Roman’s bible study every week, they have completed 12 chapters. Presently they are on break, some of the group members went home for holidays from hostels, so they are unavailable to gather. From June they are planning to have their regular weekly meetings on What’s App call. Pray for this group and their exams.
  • Started a small Group: We are excited to share that a group of 5 members has been formed from Leadership training program part 1, in the month of May. Our first meet happened in the 1st week of May at our residence. So far, the group members have met twice and trying to grow in understanding of one another. With the first meet the ice breaking has happened. With second meet some barriers have been eliminated with good communication and sharing time. Soon they are going to have their group name.

Upcoming Programs

Sl No. Name of Program Date Place
Leadership Training (part 2)
8th & 9th June 2024
Stewards of Nations Training Hall, Malkajgiri.
PBYP Groups get together
23rd June 2024
Stewards of Nations Training Hall, Malkajgiri.
22nd June 2024
Zoom (online)


  • Board Meeting Report :On May 25th Saturday evening, board meeting was held in Stewards of Nations office. All the board of directors were present in person along with two invitees. Director of the organisation presented the need for further expansion, vision for Telangana and the strategies of implementation for reaching out the unreached youth groups. Questions regarding clarity was answered. For upcoming meet, two more board members were proposed. Meeting ended with prayer and delicious dinner.
  • Staff: As decided in the board meeting, we could hire a full-time staff member for our Stewards of Nations. She is Kousalya, who is one of the co-founders, who has the burden and has taken up responsibility to be Manager of organization for fulfilling the vision. She is joining us from June 1st. She is in probation period for 3 months. Alongside, we have plan to hire a part time staff member who will be supporting us. 

  • Training Hall Development of Stewards of Nations: We are grateful to God for the way God has been providing all necessary equipment for Stewards of Nations Training Hall. Last week of the month of May, white washing of the entire hall done followed by two ceiling fans fitting. Later with the generous donations we could buy 20 Nilkamal plastic chairs. In a way Training Hall is getting prepared for all the upcoming trainings and programmes and meetings.


Sl No. Description Amount (Rs.)


Office Rent, Current bill and Salaries



Water Dispenser



2 Table Fans @3000/-



Curtains (40meters cloth & other expenses)



Leadership Training Program (Part 2)

Food & Refreshments (15 people X Rs. 250 X 2 days)


Stationery (15 people X Rs.100)




Total Expenses for the month of June 2024 – Rs. 65,500/-

Please pray for the amount and if God inspires you then feel free to support, every rupee is important.  Our UPI ID is 8886668052@hdfcbank 

Prayer Needs

  • Sponsorship: As a board, we made a decision to support five students for the next academic year i.e 2024 to 2025. Pray for the wisdom to choose the students and also for the sponsors.
  • Small Groups
    1. For the small group leaders.

    2. For the students in the small groups and for their holistic development. Few students who are writing their exams.

    3. For the multiplication of the groups.

  • General needs
    1. Thank God for the Board meeting that happened in the month of May 2024.

    2. Thank God for Miss. Kausalya and Mr. Samuel for joining as a staff of Stewards of Nations. Pray for their future responsibilities and their careers.

  • Seminars
    1. Leadership training Program

      • Pray for the leadership training program, which is on 8th & 9th June 2024.

      • Pray for the participants and Speakers.

      • Pray for the finance

    2. Life Purpose Pyramid

      • Pray for the completion of the material preparation and for the translation into Telugu.

We are thankful to you for standing with us and supporting us for the work of Kingdom expansion.

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